Insurance Scammers are Awesome! (New 2015)-Failed Insurance Scam Attempt


Failed Insurance Scam Attempt-Carjacker Gets Beat Down In City Heights SD

STREET JUSTICE 44th & University ave. (Apple Tree Liquor Store Parking Lot) City Heights, San Diego Ca. 7/13/14 Guy tries to jack a car with women and children. Community members jump in to help the women grabbing the keys out of carjacker's hands pulling him out of the car, while police are called, when carjacker tries to get away he is brought down and held there till police arrived, Carjacker was taken into custody. Women and children were checked out by EMT, seemed shaken up but no physical injuries. UPDATE* The suspect was identified as 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez, According to Whosinjail Ismael is booked in SD County Joil on the following charges: 23103(A) VC - RECKLESS DRIVING:HIGHWAY (M) 12500(A) VC - DRIVE W/O LICENSE (M) 23152(B) VC - DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENT (M) 2800.1(A) VC - EVADING PEACE OFFICER (M) 12500(A) VC - DRIVE W/O LICENSE (M) 207(A) PC - KIDNAPPING (F) 215(A) PC - CARJACKING (F) 273A PC - WILLFUL CRUELTY TO CHILD (M) 10851(A) VC - VEHICLE THEFT (F) 11364.1(A) HS - POSS UNLAW PARAPHERNALIA (M) 11550(A) HS - UNDER INFLUENCE CNTL SUB (M) Bail is set at $110,000 © 2014 IRATE Productions Filmed by: Aaron Leaf


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