These are pictures of a police shooter, in sarinah, Jakarta, Indonesia 2016

These are pictures of a police shooter, in sarinah, Jakarta, Indonesia 2016

Two alleged terrorists killed in yesterday's terror attacks in Sarinah is recidivist of radicalism cases. "We suspect, among the five bodies of the alleged perpetrator, the possibility of two people are recidivists radical activity similar," said Head of Public Relations Division, Police Headquarters Inspector General Anton Charliyan in building Public Relations Division, Police Headquarters, Friday, January 15, 2016.

National Police Chief Gen. Badroddin Haiti said the convict was one of them has the alias name Afif. According Badrodin, Afif was arrested in 2010 and was sentenced to 7 years. "It is still our check back, how he could get out," said Badroddin after Friday prayers.

Badrodin said Afif identified as the man in the photo that circulated, using a black shirt and blue jeans. He was also carrying a backpack containing the bomb and wearing a black hat. Afif allegedly had attended military training in Aceh.

Police are still reluctant to reveal another identity of perpetrators of terror attacks which killed during the incident. According Badroddin, today they are still identifying the bodies of the actors at the Police Hospital, Kramat Jati. "Kan, we must be absolutely sure, check the DNA and fingerprints as well," he said.

Afif and four terrorists were killed in their attacks on Jalan MH Thamrin yesterday. They detonated a bomb in front of Starbucks and at the police station opposite, and opened fire on a number of people.


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